About Us
Our mission is to provide learning experiences and caring support services to the multicultural and underserved people of the Roslindale community, allowing them to nurture their individual gifts and potential.
  •  Respect the dignity of every person, valuing individual and cultural perspectives and differences.
  •  Welcome new immigrants unconditionally.
  •  Be inclusive, open to all, regardless of ethnicity, income level, religion.
  •  Accompany the materially poor, meeting them where they are at, listening to their needs.
  •  Stand with the materially poor in their struggle for justice.
  •  Partner with those organizations who are committed to improve the quality of life for those we serve.
  •  Recognize that we are an integral part of a larger community.
  • To provide immigration and employment services to immigrant adults in support of their transition into  their new environment, the workforce, and to a path to US citizenship.
  • To provide an adult literacy program where immigrants who speak, read, and write little or no English can receive help and support.
  • To advocate for/with our neighbors on issues impacting their everyday needs.
  • To provide a safe and nurturing environment for neighborhood children to develop good study habits and healthy lifestyles.
  • To mentor and foster experiences for our volunteers that are both formative and transformative.
  • To enhance neighborhood safety initiatives/involvement and foster community in lower Roslindale.
Meet The Team
Nancy Braceland, CSJ
Director, Casserly House
Breda Bosch
Jesuit Volunteer Corps
After-School Coordinator
Jim McCarthy
Ignatian Volunteer Corps
Program Manager
Mary Beth O'Sullivan
Ignatian Volunteer Corps
Program Manager
Casserly House History and Overview:
Casserly House was founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston as a part of the congregation's 125th anniversary celebrations. Modeled after the work of the first Sisters of St. Joseph, Casserly House was created to be a ministry of presence in a culturally and ethnically mixed neighborhood populated by a large number of new immigrants. In 2000, the Sisters purchased a triple-decker house at 42 Stellman Road, in the Forest Hills section of Roslindale, and it has since provided a space for both service and residence. Three sisters live on the top two floors of the house, and neighborhood programs are run out of the first floor.

Casserly House provides three main services. The first service is an adult ESOL program. We currently have 38 adult students from 11 different countries! On Monday through Friday from 9 am to 12 pm, English language and literacy classes are provided for adults living in the neighborhood. Knowing that our adult students are eager to join the workforce, our Adult Literacy program includes resume preparation, interviewing skills, and computer literacy support.  Also included is a broad array of support services, including citizenship support, immigration issues, and transitional assistance.
The second service is an After-School Program.  On Monday through Thursday from 3pm-5:30pm, 15 neighborhood children in 2nd - 6th grade come for homework help and tutoring support. College and high school tutors serve as vital role models.  In July, we have a two-week Summer Educational Camp with a focus on reading, computers, and art.
Along with these two primary services, we also provide a third broad array of neighborhood services including neighborhood gatherings, meetings, and prayer.  We are a vibrant, busy center of community care and support.  We maintain partnerships with other non-profits and community organizations to anticipate and respond to neighborhood issues and concerns.  Through our website we inform the community about recent happenings and upcoming activities and priorities.
The house is currently staffed by Sister Nancy Braceland, CSJ, Breda Bosch, a member of the Jesuit Volunteer Corps, and Jim McCarthy and Mary Beth O'Sullivan who are members of the Ignatian Volunteer Corps. We rely on the wonderful generosity of many volunteers who come regularly to teach English to adults or assist children with their homework. 

In addition, the Casserly House Advisory Board, which is made up of 17 individuals from the greater Roslindale community, meets three times a year to provide assistance and guidance in order that we might best fulfill the mission of Casserly House. We are very grateful to all those who give of their time to make this ministry possible!

Our wonderful Board members are:

Patricia Andrews, CSJ         Michele Audet
David Cawston                     Marijo Carrigan
Joshua Cook                        Marie Denis                          

Pat Dunn                              Mary Rita Grady, CSJ          
Brenda Martinez                   Mary Nagle, CSJ               
Ed Roach                             Xiomara Rosado
Anne Rossi                           Marcaine Simon

Donna Sullivan                     Paul Swett                            
Olga Viasus, CSJ